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Our Medical Services

You can feel confident that you’re being treated by  Dr Annette Richard and her expertise, she delivers compassionate, comprehensive and individualized care.

Her newest offering to her patients is hand held ultrasound. This will eventually replace the stethoscope. This will be introduced into the practice in order to replace the normal physical. No other GP in the city of London is offering this service.

If you believe you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 immediately or proceed to your nearest emergency room.


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Our Services 

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Primary Health Care

This type of care typically involves routine care, care for common health problems, mental health care, disease prevention, nutrition counselling and end-of-life care.

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Uninsured Services 

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) provides coverage for a vast majority of physician services; however, there are some services that are not covered.

Cancer Care

We will be able to find you support services, financial aids, resources, products, and the latest treatment updates that will ease your journey in this difficult path.

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Health Boutique

Here you will find products, services, kits and gifts that will help patients or love ones alleviate pain or prevent it, to improve treatments and quality of life for patients who need them.

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Other Services

we will advise you to take the right path according with patient needs  you will find information and resources that helps you when making a decision whatever situation you are going through.

Primary Health Care 

Routine Checkups 

We can order lab work, such as blood tests, if they deem it medically appropriate.


We can determine your risk of cardiovascular disease through a routine exam.


We are able to prescribe most common medications types at the Doctors discretion.  

Diagnostic imaging

As a primary care provider we can determine your risk of cardiovascular disease through a routine exam.

Other Services 

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Mens Health 

We promote men's health and all issues related to the physical well- being , mental and emotional balance.

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Womens Health

We focus on the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of diseases that affects physically and emotionally a woman.

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Home Visits

We will give the highest quality of care at your doorstep offering you and your family support on those difficult times.

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Second Opinion

We will help you to make the right decision based on your condition, medical history, and more to find the best treatment for you.

Primary HealthCare
Other Services

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