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Online Booking 

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Welcome to Dr. Richard online booking page.  Please only schedule one 30 or 60 minute appointment per week so that other patients will get a chance to see Dr. Richard.


And please attend the appointment on your own and not with your spouse. Dr. Richard can only help one patient at a time.


If you believe you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 immediately or proceed to your nearest emergency room.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us .


Choose 30 minutes in person or by phone if you would like to:

  • Have a short physical 

  • Ask a couple of questions  that will take no longer than 30 min                         

  • Go over bloodwork / results   ​

  • Follow up after surgery 

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In person


Phone Call

Choose 60 minutes in person if you would like to:

  • Have a full physical

  • Talk about any health changes you may have had recently

  • Ask about immunizations, COVID-19, Vitamin D

  • Talk about life changes 

  • Formulate a plan about a health situation                   

  • Have an ultrasound test  ​

  • Follow up after surgery 

  • Update any health / personal details

  • Difficulty with cancer treatment

  • Difficulty with Critical Illness



In person

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