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Doctor Richard loves to express her knowledge through different ways; like her book about Breast Cancer, teaching sessions, a youtube channel where she talks about her expertise and experience in the health industry, you may also find Dr Richard's podcast interviewing interesting people.

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Here you will be able to find Dr Richard's latest updates about her practice and more.


Dr Richard has social media channels where you can follow her and find other resources about health.

Our Media Channels 

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Dr. Annette

Breast Cancer Ebook  

You Just Got Diagnosed With Breast Cancer and You Need Answers and Guidance Now…


In this book, Dr. Richard explains how many women, after surviving breast cancer, want to give back; they want to help other women. They feel stronger than when they were first diagnosed, and they want to help others feel the same way. That is where you really want to imagine yourself. Not all the little side steps along the way, but whatever that picture is for you.

Online Teaching Sessions 
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Dr. Annette

Dr. Richard's passion is teaching. She loves to take complex subjects and break them down into bite-size, easily understandable pieces. She studies continuously, always looking for ways to teach about disease processes, treatments, and diagnoses. She loves to come up with novel ways to help patients navigate the complexities of our Medical system. She is a strong advocate for patient care.



Dr. Annette Richard's   


Exploring the origin stories of fascinating and spiring people.

Instagram Live
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Dr. Annette Richard's


One of Doctor Richard's passions is teaching. In this page you will be able to find online teaching sessions like diseases, treatments, diagnosis and more that will help you understand how your body works. 

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Dr. Annette Richard's

Dr Richard loves to write about health and medical topics like conditions and diseases. This information often includes causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. She also loves to share articles, services, news and products, that will help you find interesting information to keep you up to date about health care. 

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Office Communications 
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Dr. Annette Richard's




You will be able to find in this page the latest updates and news about Dr. Annette Richard's medical practice. 

Close Up Radio Interviews 
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Dr. Annette Richard


Interviews by
Close up Radio 

New York  

You will be able to listen these amazing interviews about cancer and other very interesting topics.

Instagrm Live
Doctor's Desk
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