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About Me


Dr Annette Richard is a General Practitioner in London Ontario she is  dedicated and compassionate with 27+ years of experience investigating, educating, supporting, advocating  and treating cancer patients. She possesses strong interpersonal skills that allow her to connect with patients and their families.

Doctor Richard Runs a solo GP at M. A. Richard Medicine Professional Corporation practice for adults,  with a focus on oncology, complex illness pain,  and symptom control.


Doctor Richard likes getting referrals from the hospital to see a patient who does not have a GP, that has come to hospital via walk-in, and have been found to have breast cancer on biopsy, and asked to break diagnosis to patient, and coordinate care.

You can feel confident that you're being treated by Dr Annette Richard and her expertise, she delivers compassionate, comprehensive and individualized care.


In 2000, to help a friend through her breast cancer diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments, Dr. Richard kept her spirits up with talks of their own dragonboat team. What started as a motivational exercise, soon morphed into Rowbust, a team of breast cancer survivors promoting awareness and celebrating life… and they’re still growing strong today. Their dragonboat is aptly named, “Annette’s Hope.”

But it wasn’t until 2007, while undergoing palliative training at the Cancer Centre that Dr. Richard learned that mastectomy surgery in London was done as day surgery. She was horrified.  She researched every aspect of breast cancer – from diagnosis through treatment – and started the FACE IT program.

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  • Doctor Richard went to Harvard and took a course on writing nonfiction books for physicians, and this culminated in a book she wrote in 2017 called there’s something I need to get off my chest, which is now on Amazon.

  • She also took a number of courses in palliative care, where Doctor Richard gained a particular interest in palliative care in oncology. She studied with the amazing Dr. Gil Schreier, a palliative care specialist in London, Ontario. Canada.

  • Doctor Annette gained facilitated access, and was able to prescribe HIV meds. She took a number of courses to be able to study HIV meds and did a number of teaching courses with HIV patients on adherence to HIV meds.

  • in 2007 Doctor Annette started FACEIT, a program for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. This program was focused on breast cancer, was anxiety reducing, community-based, empowering, individualized teaching.​

  • Doctor Annette developed Teaching course for Patients to Understand their Bloodwork available on her website and social media platforms.



  • Doctor Annette created and patented two products, for post mastectomy breast cancer patients. One a post-op pillow for use under the arm when patients had lymph node removal under the armpit.

  • In 2000, Doctor Richard started London’s first dragon boat racing team for breast cancer survivors called Rowbust. It continues to this day.


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  • Doctor Annette Richard receive her Doctor of Medicine from McMaster University.

  • Dr Richard complete speciality training in family Medicine Residency with Emergency and surgery focus at Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital.

  • Writing nonfiction books for physicians – Harvard University.

  • Certified  member of (ASCO) American Society of Clinical Oncology. 


  • Passed Board exam for Palliative Care.

  • Studying POCUS – Point of Care Ultrasound.

  • Online courses in Internal Medicine through MedMastery, Lecturio and UptoDate.


Dr Annette


With focus on Oncology, complex illness,

pain and symptom control.

Support, educate, and coach patients and their families in their journey through life. 


Dr Annette Richard was and continues to be an amazing doctor; especially during my scary journey in 2020 after being diagnosed of Triple negative Breast Cancer.


Dr Annette Richard from the moment I contacted her, took me under her wing, guided me through this difficult time. She took an amazing amount of time to help me cope and understand my diagnosis and, subsequently came to my house for care after chemotherapy and radiation treatments; always present in my difficult time.

I recommend Dr Annette Richard with no doubt and will continue to appreciate her help!
Thank you Dr Annette Richard from me and my family as well


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