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New Game Plan for 2024

Dear Patients

New game plan for 2024.  I wish you all a very happy new year, and in this exciting new year, I plan to do a lot of teaching and expediting of referrals, by doing a lot of preventive care, using my new point of care ultrasound machine. This hospital equivalent model, that I am training to be an expert in, will allow me to ultrasound anything from the eyeball, the crowded artery, the thyroid, heart, lungs, organs, and pelvis. I will then be training on doing diagnosing of musculoskeletal issues.

Owing to the highly stringent documentation rules from the college of physicians and surgeons, appointments in the office will be focussed on either point of care ultrasound for 45 minutes, or a talk for 45 minutes. 

If you require prescriptions, a note for massage therapy, Physio, Chiro, etc. or some kind of form completed, these will need to be paid for first.  

If you go onto the beautiful website created by Innova Digital, at, you’ll see under services, there is an uninsured services portion There you will be able to pay the block fee to get prescriptions without an appointment, pay for notes, pay for forms, etc. Therefore, the completion of notes, forms, scripts will no longer be done in the office appointment. 

These are administrative tasks that I will do outside of office hours. I want to be able to maximize the time I spend with you, listening to you, examining you, helping to diagnose your situation, and documenting thoroughly our meeting.

All forms must be sent to me via email, or dropped off at my office in the basket on the back of the door.  It could take up to two weeks to fill out your form.

If you have kindly paid the block fee, simply contact your pharmacy, and they will fax me.

As always, your care is uppermost in my mind. I always try to be learning and improving as a physician and a person.

By eliminating simple administrative tasks, you’ll have more time to discuss what you were feeling.

If you need bloodwork or minor requests ordered, kindly email Juan at, and he can do that. 

Thank you!


1 comment

1 Comment

Doug Matatall
Doug Matatall
Dec 30, 2023

Annette - you continue to be a pioneer and leader in developing innovative and creative solutions to the challenges being faced by our healthcare system of today. It is people such as yourself who have a such a strong passion and commitment to improving our healthcare that will have a positive impact on our future. Your dedication to making a difficult subject clearer and easier to understand for your patients is unparalleled in the industry. I applaud your ongoing efforts to helping people in need. We need to expand the awareness of your excellent work within our various levels of government to help accelerate adoption of your work across the province, in fact, across the country. It is excit…

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