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Imagination World's Greatest Nation

Our imagination is an amazing faculty. Everything wesee around us, is created twice. Once in someone’s mind, their imagination, and once in the real world. When I really understood this faculty that each of us possess, it astounded me. When I imagined at one time in my life being a doctor, there was no good reason for me to believe with my background, the way I grew up, my lack of finances, that I could ever achieve this goal. Certainly no one around me supported the idea, not even my family, but I possessed not only the faculty of imagination, but also the will to hold that image, one of me being in a lovely office seeing patients, in my mind every single day, in an unwavering pattern, for over a year, while I finished my degree and waited to hear about my application status. I had this extreme clarity about it in my mind, and nothing could dissuade me. I kept the image on the front of my mind every day as I walked for 1-2 hours at a time. For me to have this clarity, I knew that I must have gotten into medical school, passed, passed my residency, and gotten a practice of my own. And, I did. And you, no doubt, have ideas and dreams that you want to fulfil. With these 2 faculties alone, you can literally move mountains.


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