Away from the office August 27 to September 30, 2022

Dear patient,

I want to give you lots of advance notice that I will be away from Aug 27-Sept 30, 2022, inclusive. I am not leaving my practice. Please hear that.

I know that for you as a person, you need to know how this will affect you. I am attaching options for you in my absence, and if you choose to go elsewhere for medical care. Please hear that I am not discharging you!!

Prescription renewals

For those of you who have most kindly chosen to pay the $50 per person per year block fee to get scripts without an appointment, please check your scripts now and if you need ANYTHING contact your pharmacy and have them fax me.

For those who have chosen not to pay, and you cannot get an appt before I leave, do not panic, simply contact your pharmacy and I will give a one time 90-day supply of your meds.

Healthcare providers

Medpoint Health Care Centre is doing something exciting with a Nurse Practitioner led program and a Senior Care program. This may be of interest to you. If so, kindly contact them at your earliest convenience, because they will only have room for 1000 patients.

There are also Telemedicine options, including, amid others.

Also, we are in London, Ontario, and there are numerous walk-in clinics. I know many of you have accessed telemedicine care and/or walk-in clinics, and these are viable options.

For those of you who feel I can no longer support your healthcare needs, know that I am categorically NOT retiring or discharging any patients, I am merely giving you options.

I am actively looking for solutions to decrease the amount of charting which takes hours and hours of time with a new system I am trialing, in order that I may free up more time to see more patients.

Again, for scripts, kindly contact your pharmacist, and they will fax me. Do not contact me directly re: faxes.

Thank you,


P.S. Each of us has the illusion, and it is an illusion, that we are in control. When we face loss, ill health, sudden change in our circumstances, it is terrifying to feel that we are not in control.

I do not not ever ever want to terrify you or have you feel you are out of control and alone. Please hear that. We are only and ever in control of our responses.

I am only going away for 5 wks. I have been in this career for 27 yrs and I will continue unabated for a long long time, save for this very rare time away.


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