A note about a recent incident at my office

Dear patients,

I have now been trying out my new schedule for a couple of months, since moving to my new location. Owing to some health worries, I have scaled back my hours and am seeing patients for 45 minutes to 1 hour or more at a time. This gives patients and me the time to explore a number of issues without the rush of short appointments. However, I have been fielding complaints by those who are upset at the wait to get into see me.

Yesterday, there was a rather startling incident where a man, who identified himself as an ex-patient, while attempting to put something on my car at work, was intercepted by another patient, who was concerned sufficiently to stop the man, suggest he bring whatever he was trying to affix to my car into the building, and leave it with the receptionist for the Pediatric Dentistry Office, in which I rent a room.

This must have been very unpleasant for the staff, who I do not know, and this other patient, to feel that he should protect me. There is also a female psychologist adjacent to my office, and my patient stood in the path of this man.

We are all adults, dealing with issues that affect each and every one of us, and how we choose to respond makes a huge difference in the outcome.

I ask that if you are upset, angry, confused or otherwise uncertain about me being your doctor, that you either choose to let me know in an adult way and not in a threatening or unsafe way, or choose to leave the practice.

If I am not the doctor for you, for your needs, then I do apologize as I have tried for 24 years to be a good clinician, and a kind and empathetic listener, and an efficient doctor.

If I have failed, and undoubtedly I have, at least for this man, please accept my apology and make the decision to take care of your own health and seek someone with whom you can feel better taken care of. There is no need to come unannounced to my office, and make threatening accusations.

No one deserves this kind of treatment.

To those of you who have chosen to be a patient, I am very grateful to you, and I am very lucky to have work that I find fulfilling.

If you can identify your needs to me, via email or text at 548-888-1455, I will consider changing my hours, or instituting one day per week when I do short phone appointments to accommodate needs.

With deep sincerity and gratitude,


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